Hi, my name is RED Taran, I am 3 years old and looking for greener pastures…and a new herd of does. I am a registered PB Kiko which makes me pretty special. I have a strong genetic line. My sire was GHK Macho Man out of COO Iron Horse who was out of TAY Onyx. That’s some pretty impressive genetics, if I do say so myself, and that’s just on my daddy’s side of the family. My momma carries GHK Apache Loverboy & Sports Kat genetics. That’s a double dose of goodness.

I am pleased to say I keep myself fit and ready for action with a vegetarian diet of browse and good quality hay. I have never had to be wormed and try to keep my hooves worn down by natural means, and only occasionally need to go into the barn for a spa treatment.

I traditionally produce multiples, which makes me a favorite with the ladies, for sure. That’s why it’s time for me to move on…my genetics are firmly imprinted in my current herds, and now it’s time for a new man on the block to take over.

I will admit, I can be a little pushy and need wide open spaces along with my new herd of ladies. So, if you have a herd you want to breed parasite resistance into your next generation of does, I am your MAN! Please message my keepers for terms and price as I am not so great with that kind of thing…I save my talents for other things I am better suited for.

Hi, my name is TFH Prince Charlie. I am a PB Kiko as well. My daddy is RED Taran above so I carry the same amazing genetics that he does. I am 2 years old and registered with the National Kiko Registry and ready for a herd to call my own. Unfortunately, due to a lack of willing participants, I did not take much of an active part in breeding season last fall, but I surely did want to. That’s why I decided to leave my current herd family and find one of my own.

I am sweet and gentle and such a gentleman, but there are just too many males in this herd, and not enough females…if you get my drift. So, if you think you would like to give me a try at making your does happy, I would love to show you what I can do.

I’ve grown up on forage and good, quality hay so I am a real easy keeper and I promise you that I am up for the challenge of breeding parasite resistance into your current herd, no matter the breed.
Hi, my name is Little Big Man and yes, you guessed it, my poppa is RED Taran…that’s where I get my good looks! I’m looking for a herd of my own as well as my cousin above. We share the same daddy but not the same momma, but I carry the same good, qualities as they do, PLUS I am much better looking because I have this cool white spot on the top of my head that sets me apart.

I’m looking for a herd of my own to love…I am gentle and good natured, love to browse in the field and laze in the shade on a sunny day. I am a GREAT multi-tasker so giving my attention to a large group of willing females would be absolutely no problem for me. I would show each of them the same loving consideration and make them feel special.

I did get to participate in the fall breeding season and am proud to say my first kid is a doozey. See her below…she was born 2/20/2019 and I am so proud. If you think you may be interested in me, please contact my human at trinityfarmshealing@aol.com or text message to 814-442-1628.

Storm and her mother Cloud…what a surprise she was!