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Trinity Farm Girls Livestock For Sale

Bucks looking for greener pastures…and new ladies!

We also have a limited amount of does…breeding and pet quality both

as well as the sweetest wethers that will make awesome farm companions. Pictures available upon request.

This is TFH Pretty Boy Floyd…registered purebred Kiko from the line of GHK Macho Man, COO Iron Horse and TAY Onyx…. he’s a beauty…hence the name Pretty Boy… but he’s done all he can for our herd and needs to move on to other ladies. He creates beautiful kids in multiples. DOB: 2/16/2017 … 400
Here’s Ringo, (Chandler’s sire) an American Mini-Nubian. He is disbudded with pendulous, frosted ears and is a hit with all the ladies. He comes from a great line of milkers and throws the most adorable kids you’ve ever seen running around the goat field. With those long ears and calm disposition, they are a hit with our visitors. Unfortunately he has gone as far as he can go with our herd and would really like a herd of milking goats to spend his days with. DOB: 2/27/2018 … 350
SOLD…..Meet Chandler…DOB: 4/21/2020… he’s a beautiful mix from a registered Kiko doe and a registered Mini Nubian buck (Ringo) . He’s strong and sturdy and ready to meet some ladies if you are interested in a commercial buck to strengthen your herd. His exotic looks alone are worth seeing what his kids will look like…. 350
This is TFH ZZ…registered purebred Kiko with strong lineage on both sides GHK Macho Man, COO Iron Horse and TAY Onyx… he’s ready and able to prove himself with a herd of his own. He’s short and compact but don’t let that fool you, he’s more than up to the job of creating wonderful kids. DOB: 2/22/2019 … 400

SOLD….. Meet TFH Hercules….He’s an unregistered Savanna/Kiko pasture raised and gaining weight daily. His DOB is 3/28/2021 and he’s ready to go to the right herd of ladies. … 300 gets him from our pasture to yours.
And this is TFH Gemini PB unregistered Kiko that could be registered. DOB: 3/30/2021, pasture raised and ready to go to a home of his own. He and his pasture mates have been out all summer providing land management. Some of their favorite edibles… poison ivy, blackberry brambles and tree leaves that are hard to reach. He is available to manage your land and your herd…300