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TFH Alpacas

Exodus 14:14 NIV: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”.
These long necked, graceful beauties are shy, curious and extremely sensitive to peoples emotional state.

You can learn a lot from animals and in particular from Alpacas. They are calm, gentle, cautious and curious. They communicate mostly through body language and the humming they do when happy or the strange orgling sound they make in times of distress…and of course they spit. But only when you really make them mad. Most times they give ample warning before they go to that extreme.

They are also sensitive to the emotions of the humans around them. If you are feeling anxious, they will feel that too, even if you don’t show it. Our journey with Alpacas began in 2017 when we had the opportunity to begin our herd with three… but ended up getting eight! God works in mysterious ways for sure. But, they are part of our fiber farm and provide a renewable revenue stream at shearing time when they give us their most beautiful, all natural colored fiber. This in turn is sent for processing to create yarns, roving and much more for our Trinity Farm Girls Fiber Shop.

Along with their fiber, they help to create a unique opportunity for folks to sit in stillness with them and feel their peace.