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TFH Kiko Goats

Kikos are known for their strong mothering instincts, hardiness and parasite resistance.

When the dream of Trinity Farms Center for Healing was born, we knew that goats were in its future. But the question was, what breed? After careful research and discussion, it didn’t take us long to decide on Kikos.

Why Kikos? Well, being novices to goat care, we knew we needed something that would be easy care. Couple that with the fact that multiple people would be handling them we wanted a breed that was friendly and easy going as well.

Now that we have several years of goat handling experience, we know we made the right choice. Kikos are great mothers, giving birth easily and have their kids up and moving quickly.

They manage well on browse with limited extra feeding during the spring, summer and fall. That’s what makes them so valuable to our GetUR Goat Graziers.

They also have a gentle demeanor that promotes many opportunities for healing, just by working and being close to them.